Sun sign: Sagittarius | Moon sign: Virgo | Rising sign: Capricorn

For those that rely on labels, my solitary practice or beliefs are a mix of eclectic witchcraft, Neo-Wicca, and a few other types of paganism. I think I've discovered recently that all I want or need in my practice includes various forms of divination tools, crystals and stones, incense, candles, and all things owls haha

Still trying to pinpoint it all myself, but I'm totally fluid and maybe I don't want to put a label on it? This blog is just a place to collect things that relate to my personal craft.

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This spell is great for long distance relationships, friendships while away at school, and online friends.

Items needed:

  • a piece of white crystal quartz (any size)
  • a photo of the person you want to send the message to

Make sure you have a nice, quiet place to sit. Take…


•Morning: awakening, new beginning, fertility, life direction.
•Daytime: growth, financial gains, good life, generosity.
•Midday: willpower, strength, sustenance, perseverance, overcoming obstacles.
•Twilight: change, receptiveness, parenting, moving between the worlds.
• Evening: camaraderie, spirituality, joy, pleasure, family gatherings, children, play.
•Late Night: occult learning: increase knowledge/wisdom, enlightenment, creativity.
•Midnight: releasing, recuperation, recovery, closings, endings.

Source: Grimoire for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Shadows by Ann Moura

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